Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I’m closing in on my first month in Moscow, and it feels like a blink. What was it they said, the days drag and the years fly by? It’s been wretchedly rainy lately, but as I was leaving work this afternoon, the sun was out and shining in that painfully bright way that makes you think “Oh my God, it’s not overcast today? There’s light sometimes?” It made my grey suburban neighbourhood look utterly beautiful, and I felt – well – lucky.

Now that I’m settled, I’m ready for some honest-to-God exploring. A long list of things to do has sprung up! Several of the other teachers have reached out to me socially, and are full of recommendations for various things around town. They’re a pretty cool group. I’ve had a few fun nights of pizza and gossip, which is about my speed – being a total introvert and all. My birthday’s coming up soon and I’ve already got people to spend it with!

Work is demanding but I’m getting the hang of it. Today I actually had a modicum of control over my preschool classes, which is unheard of, and yesterday (after teaching five classes on my day off) the director actually praised me. WHAT IS HAPPENING, PEOPLE. Actually, I’m pretty happy that it’s going well – it’s been a rough adjustment. Maybe I’ll stick around long enough to experience Moscow winter after all.

In other news, however, our wi-fi has died yet again. It’s really annoying to be so cut off from the world when you have absolutely no home base to start with. I can pick up email at work, but it’s the fun stuff I miss – the blogs, Facebook, everything that’s frivolous. The Emmys are coming up and ohhhh how I want to follow it. (Basically, I’m team Kevin Spacey all the way, my devotion to Mad Men notwithstanding.) No more endless meandering through the web, I suppose. Sigh.

Overall, however, life is looking pretty rosy these days. I can’t wait to enjoy the beautiful city ahead of me. Next stop – Gorky Park!

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  1. By December you'll have totally forgotten what the sun is! So many fun things to look forward to in Moscow :)