Monday, October 7, 2013

Зомби Депп

It's Marking Week. Life is crazy busy, and I am not winning any popularity points with my students as I drown them in assessments. That is OK with me. Classes are getting a heck of a lot easier now that I know what's going on. In fact, lately I have turned into something of a Kindergartner Whisperer. Not that they are perfect little angels or anything, but at least I can keep them on task. Guys, preschoolers are a tall order anywhere on the planet. Do not think a class of small children is something you can take lightly.

As you go about your routine every class, inevitably comments emerge that make you want to start a show called "ESL Students Say the Darndest Things". Now, I wouldn't do that because it's not fair to my students - we all make mistakes learning a new language, they need their privacy, and my Russian is about a million times worse anyway - but I share them with other teachers sometimes. However, my teenagers know enough English to explore humour on their own, and sometimes they come up with some doozies. Lately, they have all had a unit on the environment, which is not exactly a topic to motivate most youth. One of the questions: "What is the biggest environmental problem facing youth today?"

EVERY class, without fail, has responded "Zombies!"

I am very proud of them.

With Halloween coming up, I'm definitely planning a few ghoulish lessons along the way. Edgar Allan Poe, Thriller (Michael Jackson is still the King of Pop here), silly costumes. One of my classes, however, has beaten me to it. Combining their love of a popular Hollywood star with their fondness for The Walking Dead and other works of its ilk, they have created a new mascot...

Zombie Depp.

I couldn't make this up if I tried.


  1. Hi Rachel,

    I just stumbled across your blog - I also recently moved to Moscow for a teaching job and last lived in Vancouver. It seems we are having somewhat similar experience here!


    1. Hi Amy, nice to hear from you! I'm from Kelowna myself, so yes, very similar. Which school are you with?

  2. Hi Rachel, Kelowna is a pretty spot. I'm at an elementary/high school with an English IB program. What about you?