Monday, January 18, 2016


Just a quick note from Pearson Airport as I wait for the airline booth to open - like a grandma, I got there several hours early. Better safe than sorry, and at least I got to ride Toronto's snazzy (and expensive) new airport train from Union Station. Besides, airports are among my favourite places in the world. I keep looking at all the destinations on the board and wishing that I could go to all of them at once. In some cases, I already have - including the exact flight I'm taking tonight. The airport is a world of possibility.

As a champion packer, I somehow managed to fit nine days' worth of intense winter clothes into my tiny red duffel bag, last used on my European Odyssey in 2014. My friends were hella impressed. 

So now I'm just passing the time with my iPod and its Blogger app. This time tomorrow, I'll be in Finland. By midnight tonight (EST), Amsterdam. What a world we live in. Could Lindbergh have dreamed it?

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