Tuesday, January 19, 2016


My life has been, alternately, air travel and sleep for the past two days. Long-haul travel takes a lot out of you. I forgot about that.

We live in a miraculous age, we really do. I arrived in Helsinki roughly thirteen hours after leaving Toronto, though it felt like much longer after the time difference. I had been gone essentially overnight. And here I was in Finland, jabbering away over Facebook to my friends. 

I wound up at Forenom Hostel, which is about twenty minutes' walk from the airport, but since much of the road had no sidewalk I opted for a cab. And then I found out there was a free shuttle. Learning experience #1. Once there, I pretty much just fell asleep and woke up over and over, as the jet-lagged are wont to do. Forenom is okay - very bare-bones, but you get your private space and it is comfortable enough. I found it difficult to figure out their cleaning system - some of it you do yourself and some of it you don't, but if you don't pay for a cleaning service at the end you get charged a crapton of Euro, but the price of the cleaners doesn't show up in your bill so even if you're pretty sure you ordered them you can't verify? Anyway, their customer service line told me not to worry but I'm still confused.

Now I'm at Helsinki-Vantaa, which is a nice (and surprisingly homey) airport, waiting to board my flight waaaay up north to Ivalo for my bus waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy up north to Inari. I still don't understand a word of Finnish, I'm probably way behind at grad school and I'm terrified of having to face Winnipeg-worthy weather Up North (especially without a car and the occasional 20-minute walk in front of me). But I'm enjoying being back in Finland. We'll just have to see what happens next.

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