Sunday, January 24, 2016


Since I announced I was going on this trip, around 80% of people's reactions have involved the weather, ranging from "Are you crazy?"  to "Better dress warm, here are 3000 scarves and you must wear them all." And they're right - it is cold. But it's easy to get by with a little practice. I've found so far that I generally wind up sticking to a few tried and true pieces and not caring how gross my clothes get by the end of the trip. (Spoiler alert: soooooo gross.) here's a typical outfit for me in -40 weather:

- base layer top (thank you Auntie)
- thermal leggings (thank you, Arizonan friend in Russia)
-Whatever pair of pants I deem to be the heaviest (NOT JEANS - I could have easily left those at home)
- any pair of an assortment of ski socks
-Sorel boots (thank you Mom)
-Icelandic sweater (again, Mom)
-Sport Chek neckpiece and toque
-One of two pairs of mittens - either the red 2010 Olympic mittens that are very popular to this day in Canada, or these sheepskin mitts my dad got me. Thank you, Dad.

Biggest mistake: not buying snowpants. My legs definitely get cold the fastest. I might even look around for some tomorrow. But so far, advice from friends and family and a few pieces have mostly carried me through. The hardest part is getting it all to fit in my little red duffel bag, even if I am quite good at packing by this point.

As you can see, it takes a village to clothe one student for the Arctic. I think years on the ski hill, as well as Toronto and Moscow winters (and the occasional sojourn to Winnipeg) have served me well. Plus everyone thinks I'm just fine once they hear I'm Canadian. And you do get used to it, you really do, once you get out and about a bit. I can't say I'll ever love the cold, but I sure do like winter, and I guess that's the price we must pay. And at least my cozy cabin will keep me warm through the long winter nights...

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