Sunday, November 6, 2016

Disney Day

Election news: still shithouse crazy. I'm listening to Hamilton for comfort. Tuesday, guys, only until Tuesday. The Barack came back, to Florida that is (just down the road), and this time he brought Stevie Wonder. Super cool. (Mike Pence was here, too, but I am choosing to ignore that.)

As I mentioned, my aunt and uncle are staying at a huge resort, in more of a villa than a hotel room. There are wild animals all over ("Don't go near the water, there are gators - don't go into the woods, there are snakes), so my uncle shines his flashlight looking for gators on our back lawn every night, and herons come right up to our door begging for food - they make a sound that can only be described as a creaky hinge. Mostly we've seen birds - herons, cranes and egrets.

My aunt and uncle have been amazing hosts. In lieu of a theme park day (Harry Potter is tomorrow!), we decided to go to Disney Springs, which is a shopping district in the Disney World complex (Disney World basically owns half the city). It's a really great place to walk around, full of interesting upscale stores of all kinds - and it's a great way to appeal to the adult visitors. One of my favourites was The Art of Disney, which supposedly sells Disney prints but - with the incredibly high prices therein - functions equally well as an impromptu gallery:

The main store of the park, The World of Disney, is a huge place containing all the souvenirs you can imagine, along with apparel for all ages, jewellery, home decor, and snacks. I mostly bought postcards.  It is an excellent stop for any Disney paraphernalia, though it's easy to get lost! My favourite was this projectionist doll.

In addition to the souvenirs at World of Disney, there are separate stores for both Marvel and Star Wars, the latter of which has an incredible build-a-lightsaber booth:

My other favourite is Marketplace Co-op, which has some beautiful clothes and an entire section for travel accessories.  I didn't get any pictures, though. They even had wine!

Disney Springs also has movies, bowling, boat rides, restaurants, bars and other attractions, but it's really fun just to walk around and browse the stores. I think I had more fun there than I would have had at the Magic Kingdom,  and I can save my theme park energy (and budget) for tomorrow.

Because my aunt and uncle have been coming here for years, they know all the tricks, and "arrive early" is one of the best.We got there for 9:30 and missed both the heat and the crowds, and left at the lunch hour with our tasks finished and a ton of energy to spare. The afternoon was quiet, and then after a nice barbecue, we gathered around (shudder) Fox News. Fortunately,  in the midst of all this grossness I am keeping my resolve, because tomorrow is HARRY POTTER! Stay tuned for some real magic.

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