Saturday, November 5, 2016


I cannot say the name of that city without singing it like in The Book of Mormon. Thanks, musical theatre brain.

So, I really really like Harry Potter. And my aunt, too, really really likes Harry Potter. When she and my uncle were planning their trip to Florida, they invited me to come and join them for a visit, and from what I understand, about 80% of this is so my aunt can go to Harry Potter with another nerd like her. So I gladly skipped a few days of graduate school to go hag out in Orlando. Thanks, Aunt and Uncle.

I have a lot of catching up to do on this blog - several posts covering this summer, a few observations on TIFF, and a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming in a few weeks, with any luck. But this week is going to be an account of my adventures in Florida. I have been to Florida before, in 2012, but that was a small section of the Panhandle (an interesting area in itself)  - not the more "touristy" parts. Plus almost everything I know of this state is  elderly Canadians, Florida Man, and Dexter. This week will include lots of Harry Potter. Beaches. Sunlight. But best of all, at least to my politically oriented self...

I am going to be in a swing state for this year's crazy-ass election!

More to follow.

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