Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Election of 2016

Can we get back to politics?

As we all know, the coverage over the last few days/treads has been on-stop. This is especially true in Florida, the swing state that every candidate is desperate to reach. I don't know how the entire state hasn't died of boredom. It's  been a long haul - but here we are.

When my aunt and uncle invited me down, and I realized which weekend it would be, I knew I had to be there, so I deliberately extended my trip to be there over the Tuesday. I have followed every American election since 2004 very closely, but this is my first in the US itself - well, I was living in California in 1996, but I don't count that because I was five. My dad says it was a pretty boring, heavily Clinton-leaning campaign anyway. But this - this wacky-ass, unprecedented, entirely unusual campaign of madness! The first woman president! Trump! Of course I had to be there. And so I dragged my reluctant relatives down the rabbit hole.

It'a all the more interesting because we're in a swing state so big that it could very well decide the race. It did before (Bush vs Gore), and perhaps tonight it will again. We are riveted, despite the arrival of my cousin and her new baby, who I will admit is substantially cuter than either candidate.

I am unabashedly #withher, because of the symbolic power of her election, her incredible experience and skills, and Trump's record level of unsuitability for the position. For me, it's an absolute no-brainer. He's a total disadvantage for everyone who is not just like him, or is against him. Things are looking good for Clinton, so let's hope.

Here's a recap:

18:22. Slight disappointment as Kentucky and Indiana turn up red, but that was expected, so we keep going. CNN is using 2012 for comparison. I don't see how this remotely compares, except for it being the last one. It's looking like Trump will take Ohio. Georgia is apparently a battleground state now, which is a surprise to me - I assumed it was solid red.

18:30. I feel strange using 24 hr time, though it is natural to me after all this travel. KY and IN continue to be red. I was hoping for a Mondale-style defeat for Trumpy. A girl can dream.

18:51. Good god, why do they insist on updating us every time a state adds another percent? This is interminable.

18:55. Yes, CNN, the rate of college graduates in Georgia has gone up. You can crunch the numbers tomorrow, when someone is headed for the White House.

19:00. Trump gets Kentucky, Hillsy wins Vermont. No surprise there. So far -Trump is at 19 and Clinton 3. I keep drinking.

19:03. CNN, stop dividing the voters by feelings.

19:06. Best thing about an HRC win: four more years of Kate McKinnon.

19:09. North Carolina (swing) has a computer glitch. Much drama. We'll see if it comes to anything. My guess is not.

19:11. Rand Paul wins his seat, ugh. Rubio too. Kelly Ayotte. All around, things are looking very Republican, though it might be the celeb factor.

19:14. Trump appears to be winning Florida. HRC miiiiight be winning Virginia. I have a bad feeling about this.

19:15. I mean, I assumed that since Obama won because Romney couldn't carry anything but straight white males, the same would go for Trump, since he manages to piss off special interest groups like it's his life mission. Right?  Is this misogyny? Being fed up with the establishment? What's going on?

19:17. Ohio coming up. Ohhhhh boy.

19:20. 55 to 41 percent, favouring the orange menace. It cannot be.

19:23. On the other hand, Trumpy's own advisors are still very pessimistic. Far too early to call, I guess.

19:24. Cousin and baby are en route! Should be nice to have a baby girl with us, as long as we bring in a female president at the same time.

19:25. Hillsy takes the lead in FL! At 30%, but I'm taking the hope.

19:30. Trump takes WV. HRC is still at 3. It's early and it went exactly like this with Romney, but I am still shaky.

19:33. Florida goes back and forth. Edge of my seat, folks.

19:39. Four states called. Three red, one blue. None of them are surprising. CNN thinks Trump will need to pull off something shocking to win. Being slightly more cynical, I'm not so sure.

19:59 (after dinner break). Narrow leads in OH and FL! All eyes on these two! Too close to call! 17 states + District of Columbia to close polls now! Pray!

20:00. Aaaand the blue states roll in! MD, MA, NJ, IL, RI, DC go to Clinton! Three states for Trump. FL still too close. and PA,  and OH. Keep rolling.

20:09. BABY IS HERE. Oh, and HRC is leading in NC. Woot!

20:09. Gazing adoringly at baby. 68-48 for HC. Pray.

20:17. HC and DT are separated by 700 votes in FL, and you think your vote doesn't count. 87% in. More poll closures to come. What I want to know is - how did we get this close?

20:22. HC behind 8000 votes in FL. Balls. Leading slightly in OH.

20:23. 13,000. Really?!

20:24. Every state that matters is too early to call. My nerves are frayed

20:26. Rubio gets his seat. Gee, is anyone surprised.

20:27. More floundering in FL. I want to cry. HC takes NC, with any luck.

20:33. 68-66, favouring HRC. How.

20:39. Leading in Texas. whut

20:40. We've turned to FOX. Kill me.

20:43. Tried to get my mom to use her twin telepathy to get my uncle off of FOX. She says it doesn't work.

20:45. Back. Thank god.

20:47. Baby is dreaming and moving around in her sleep. She is a rare source of hope in these troubled times.

20:48. The electoral votes are broadcast on the Empire State Building. Gee, we Canadians really don't make a big deal of our elections, do we?

20:49. Leading in Ohio. And NC. I would be comforted if Florida wasn't double NC's votes. If she wins the two, she is safe.

20:59. Biting my nails.

21:00. HRC carries New York. No one is surprised but it's nice to see.

21:02. 97-84. I breathe a little easier. Just a little.

21:04. OH, FL, GA, VA, NC Trump. Not yet called. But how. NH, MI Clinton. At least she seems to have PA and CO. The drama, you guys.

21:08. How could any being more evolved than an amoeba vote for this dude? His rhetoric is Mussolini verbatim!

21:09. This is baaaaaaaaad you guys.

21:12. If an accomplished, experienced former Secretary of State loses to a budding-fascist buffoon from reality TV, this is proof that women can never win.

21:15. 128-97. I want to puke.

21:19. DT leads in Ohio. This cannot be happening.

21:25. I feel like I have front-row seats to the end of the world. Time for another glass of wine.

21:41. Is this the sequel to Brexit?

21:50. He climbs. Terrified. Simply terrified. CNN projecting ways he can win. May come down to Virginia.

21:52. Michigan stahp.

21:53. VA leaning blue! Pray.

22:00. More states close polls. Rachael gets gray hairs.

22:04. Dow down 500 points. Guys, what have you done?!?!?!?!

22:08. I hear the Disney World fireworks. Feels sinister, somehow.

22:15. Somehow,  I never believed that it would come down to this - I was so sure that the grown-ups would take over and Trump's nonsense would be resoundingly rejected. This...  I was  not prepared for.

22:30. Trump wins Ohio. Barring a miracle, it's over.

22:40. VIRGINIA.

23:00 HAWAII. CALIFORNIA. 190/270.

23:02. WA. OR. NEED PA.

23:03. World markets spiralling. My friend notes that this could lead to similar right-wing victories in Europe. This election could have incredibly far-reaching consequences, even considering the influence America's governance already has.

23:13. Trump takes NC. Clinton tentatively called in  PA. Neck and neck. This could go on all night.

23:28. Paul Ryan wins. No surprise there.  I do think he could show up on a presidential ticket again Ina few election cycles.

23:30. Florida. He took Florida. Byeeee

23:33 Now at 228-209. There is basically no way if PA and Michigan go as predicted.

23:43. I thought this post would go so differently.

00:30. Baby wakes up. We pass her around and as I hold her, I remember, in her world things are still okay.

01:15. Still waiting.

 01:39. I give up and go to bed. Everything is still too close to call. But it looks bad.

It is late here, so let me leave you with this. A reality show star with no political experience, who denigrates every group he can victimize, takes his followers to such a frenzy that they beat up protestors, publicly admitted to sexual assault on tape, and seemingly plans to run the United States as an autocracy, is right now being elected President of the most powerful country on earth.

Regardless of your political leaning, there is something very wrong with this.

Good night, and I hope tomorrow is a better day.

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