Monday, January 9, 2017

Ett meddelande

Yes, the blog has been neglected for a few months. More like seven, with the exception of a brief interlude in Florida. Mea culpa, readers - you will have an update soon. I've been mostly in Toronto during this time, but I have been keeping myself busy with some fun little trips and activities.

But here is the important thing -

I'm moving again!


In mid-January, I am beginning an internship in Stockholm, and will stay there until mid-July.

To say I am excited would be one of history's biggest understatements.

Here are some of my goals for Sweden:

  • Take a tour of the Stockholm Archipelago
  • Visit Uppsala
  • Participate in fika (afternoon coffee)
  • Successfully watch a Swedish film without subtitles
  • Win Eurovision
  • Have at least one conversation in Swedish per day
  • Write a best-selling detective novel
  • Visit Northern Sweden
  • Complain about the weather
  • Celebrate all the Swedish holidays
  • See the Åland Islands
  • Win a Nobel Prize, but then refuse to show up and give a speech, and get talked about in the media for ages (field does not matter, though this blog is a brilliant candidate for Literature in my opinion)
  • Become the fifth member of ABBA
Regardless of whether or not I do any of these things, one thing is certain...

I am going to have a wonderful adventure!

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